This page will be updated with all publications related to the Security on the Move research project. These include research briefs, project reports, as well as information about peer-reviewed academic publications.

January 2023: Jutta Bakonyi and Peter Chonka’s book – Precarious Urbanism: Displacement, Belonging and the Reconstruction of Somali Cities is published by Bristol University Press, available here. Listen here to a podcast recorded at the Rift Valley Institute-hosted book launch in Nairobi (March 2023).

August 2022: Jutta Bakonyi’s article (with Mustafe Ibrahim Abdi, Nasir M. Ali and Ahmed Omer) on ‘Constant fear of eviction: how poor people experience life in Somaliland’s growing cities’ is published on The Conversation

January 2022: Jutta Bakonyi’s blog post on ‘“Embarrassment will emerge”: Sanitation at Somaliland’s urban margins’ published on Read it here.

December 2021: Peter Chonka and Jutta Bakonyi’s article on ‘Precarious technoscapes: forced mobility and mobile connections at the urban margins’ is published in the Journal of the British Academy. Open Access, free to download here.

May 2021: Kirsti Stuvøy, Jutta Bakonyi and Peter Chonka’s article ‘Precarious spaces and violent site effects: experiences from Hargeisa’s urban margins’ is published online in the journal Conflict, Security & Development. Open Access, free to download here.

January 2021: Jutta Bakonyi and Peter Chonka’s article on ‘Precarious labour – Precarious lives: Photographic glimpses from displaced people in Somali cities’ is published in (English and French) in Afrique Contemporaine. Download here.

October 2020: Jutta Bakonyi’s article entitled ‘The Political Economy of Displacement: Rent Seeking, Dispossessions and Precarious Mobility in Somali Cities’ has been published online in Global Policy. The article is available for free (open access) download here.

September 2020: Peter Chonka (with Yidnekachew Haile) draws on some of our Security on the Move findings (forthcoming) on displaced people’s uses of mobile phones in their literature review on ‘ICTs and Mobility in the Horn of Africa’ for the Research Evidence Facility (European Union Emergency Trust Fund for Africa). This open access and available to download here.

June 2019: The first peer-reviewed journal article from the project has been published in Political Geography. Entitled ‘War and city-making in Somalia: Property, power and disposable lives’, the article is open access and available to download for free here

ESRC DFID Impact Initiative Brief: ‘Understanding Displacement and Urbanisation in Somali Cities’: Impact brief

May 2019: Somali versions of the research briefs outlining key project findings in the four cities of Baidoa, Bosaaso, Hargeisa and Mogadishu:

Research brief BAIDOA SOM

Research brief BOSAASO SOM

Research brief HARGEISA SOM

Research brief MOGADISHU SOM

12 March 2019: Just published – research brief papers outlining key project findings in the four cities of Baidoa, Bosaaso, Hargeisa and Mogadishu:

SOTM Research Brief BAIDOA

SOTM Research Brief BOSAASO

SOTM Research Brief HARGEISA